RVA Fashion Week Just Got a Whole Lot Sweeter (Spring 2021)

Richmond, VA - RVA Fashion Week launches its 13th Annual Spring Fashion Week and allowed Sugar + Spruce to add a little sugar to the scene. We exclusively curated the Trendsetter bath bomb to capture the essence of the fresh and bold styles of all the Spring 2021 Collections. 

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The Trendsetter bath bomb features top notes of sweet florals, bright citrus with a touch of spicy vanilla and musk. Infused with avocado oil, leaving your skin, soft, moisturized, and camera ready. While this trendy bath bomb can only be found along the catwalks of the Richmond Arts District this week, we still have plenty of other show-stopping bath bombs to indulge in a luxuriously foamy bath time experience. Check out our best-selling bath bundle - including some of our favorites Queen Bee, Bite Me, Tobacco Flower, Mermaid Sugar, and Sweet Sweet Paris

No Bathtub? No worries.

Maybe you’re not a bath person, don’t have a tub or the time for a long soak? No worries, Sugar. We’ve got you covered on that front too. Turn your mundane shower into a steamy, soothing sauna with one shower fizzie. Place the shower fizzie directly under the stream of water and let it work its spa-like magic releasing invigorating vapors that will change up your whole shower game. They may look small, but damn do they do the trick! We carry four different scents - Wake Me Up, Sinus Blend, Stress Less, and Sleepy Time. 

Have Kiddos or prefer all things fun-sized? 

Everything’s good all day then things kind of change around bath time each night. Do you find yourself asking hard questions like: Who are these people? Why are they running around naked? Was The Exorcist actually a parenting documentary? So, what's your best option in those moments when you just need clean kids and that half-full bottle of wine calling you from the kitchen shelf? Mini-bath bombs! They’re like the regular bath bombs, but smaller, offered in 10 different fun flavors to choose from. Transform a boring bath into a foamy, fun experience they will beg for instead of fighting! 

For the love of Soap

You can’t walk by our downtown Fredericksburg flagship store and miss our massive soap table. Seriously, it's SO massive. We really go all out when it comes to good old-fashioned handcrafted soap. Carrying over 60+ soaps ranging from unscented, clean cotton, wildflowers, and fairy floss just to name a few - there’s a scent for everyone and every occasion. All of our soaps are vegan-friendly, made with love, and only the good stuff. Leaving your skin feeling fresh, clean and having strangers on the street asking you why you smell so damn good. 

Choosing from so many tantalizing options can be a struggle. Join our Soap of the Month Club, each month subscribers receive one soap bar chosen from their selected flavor profile so they're always scrubbing up with something new. Flavor profiles include: Fresh, Floral, Fruity, Warm, Unscented or Surprise Me! Delivered to your door each month in subscription tiers of 3, 6 or 12 months. We really don't want you to hang on to that sad little soap sliver - join today!

Don’t be a Stranger, Sugar!

Visit us online or in-store, we offer a ton of other fun, cheeky bath time products that make self-care feel less like regular maintenance into something you eagerly look forward to each day. We’re a mother-daughter duo that loves the work we do and the customers we get to serve. If you’re also a small business owner and are interested in carrying some of our products in your shop, visit our wholesale page for more information.

Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook at @getsugarandspruce to see what guilt-free confectionary concoctions we’re whipping up in our soap kitchen. 

Get Dirty. Wash. Repeat. 

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Hey Sugar!

Hey Sugar!

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