Kid's Mini Bath Bombs


I prefer fun size!

Those sweet little angels of yours really have kind of the whole dual personality thing going don't they? Everything's good all day then things kind of change around bath time each night.  Do you find yourself asking hard questions like: Who are these people? Why are they running around naked? Was The Exorcist actually a parenting documentary? Why am I talking to myself out loud? We totally understand how tying them down to the bed is frowned upon in these politically correct times. So, what's your best option in those moments when you just need clean kids and that half full bottle of wine calling you from the kitchen shelf? Mini-bath bombs!
They're like regular bath bombs but smaller and they smell different and they're super fun. So, different
than the regular bath bombs..or whatever.  You need the back up of a fun, non-criminal, tool to get the kids in the tub and these bad boys are just the ticket. Kid sized, fragranced with the kid friendly scents they love, and priced for daily use to free you from having the local church on speed dial. Just grab a set from us and get those little angels in the tub without a fight!
Our small batch, handmade mini-bath bombs turn a boring bath into a foamy, fun, experience they will beg for instead of fighting. Throw these in the tub for the kids and then tuck those little angels into bed.
  • Sulfate free
  •  Non-staining cosmetic safe colorants
  • Phthalates free fragrance
  • No chemical preservatives
  • Not tested on animals (only team members)
  • Small batch, artisan made in store
  • Moisturizing avocado oil

THE SCENT STORY: (Fruit Punch)

Remember the commercial where the pitcher of drink busts through the wall? So, imagine he busts through your bathroom wall and spills Cherry Fruit Punch into your bath tub. It's like that. A tangy-cherry kick for a fresh bath without the broken dry wall, stains on the carpet or red eyed kids!

THE SCENT STORY: (Raspberry Lemonade)
The freshness of fresh picked berries right in the tub. You will smell the rows of mid-summer berries ripe for the picking as you imagine making your way down the aisle gently pulling red little jewels as a gentle breeze blows your hair. Your kids will smell raspberry fruit drink. They will want to take a bath. Don't over think it just throw it in the water and go back to dreaming about gentle breezes.

THE SCENT STORY: (Fruit Loops)

Seriously just like Fruit Loops cereal. I'd love to have something really imaginative on this one but this really smells just like the awesome breakfast treat. There's no Tucan or anything just
really cool smelling stuff that makes kids go hey, Mom...these smell like Fruit Loops! Then you say...Yes they do get ready for the tub while Mommy gets some wine.

THE SCENT STORY: (Monkey Farts)

Yes. Monkey Farts. What might that smell like? Not what you think so just stop. This is a combination of five different fruit fragrances including banana, mango, kiwi and more. It comes together in a fresh fruity blend that is fun and refreshing. Here's the thing...don't ask us how we make it. You just don't want to know. Trust us on this. Really. It smells great though.

THE SCENT STORY: (Cotton Candy)

You're at the County Fair wandering around. Lights are flashing, bells ringing, kids laughing and you can smell it from a hundred yards away. Fresh cotton candy being spun on to those little paper cones. You know it's going to taste so good as you gently pick off little fluffy bites. Then you look did it end up in his hair? Why is her face bright pink? No don't touch me with those hands! Time for a bath! We've managed to get the scent into a bath thus skipping the cost of entry and the mess before a bath. That's called efficiency, thank you.

No factories were used in this product.

     *10 pack of mini bath bombs, list your fragrances in the notes section of checkout.  Thanks!

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    Stacy S.
    United States
    I recommend this product


    My granddaughter loved them



    My teenage daughter love these bath bombs, not just the Raspberry Lemonade, all the flavors. Makes your bath very relaxing!


    Not just for kids

    My nephews and niece love all the bath bombs they have and always get ten when we go. Fruit loops smell just like the cereal and cotton candy like cotton candy. Monkey farts the kids love and personally I use it also the smell will fill your whole bathroom.

    Kolleen Rose

    Fruit loops

    The fruit loops bath bomb does smell just like the cereal. It is similar to the larger bath bombs in its moisturizing and scent qualities. I would highly recommend these for your kiddos or yourself!

    Heidi broton

    Bath bombs

    These may say they are for kids but I use them all. They are so fragrant and the scent last the entire bath. Your skin is soft as well. I have used a lot of different kinds and these are the best.