Do any of your products contain parabens, phthalates, or sulfates?

All of our products are free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates! Any foaming agents in our products are going to be coconut derived to be more gentle on the skin.

Are your products vegan?

Most of our products are vegan. The only animal based ingredients we use are goats milk in some soaps, beeswax in our balms, and lanolin in our lip balm. 

Are your products safe for kids/sensitive skin?

Because we do not use any parabens, phthalates, or sulfates, our products are safe for kids and those with sensitive skin! We do offer a range of unscented products for anyone who cannot tolerate fragrance. 

What is the shelf life of your products?

Our products have a shelf life of roughly one year. Some of our products have mild preservatives in them to help maintain their safety. We recommend using clean hands or clean utensils to scoop product out of the containers to reduce the risk of introducing water or bacteria into your product. 

Are your products tested on animals?

Our products are only tested on employees! We make nearly all of our products on site so we have strict control over product testing.

Is the palm oil in your soap sustainable?

Our organic palm oil is sourced from independently certified farms in South America who are committed to sustainable agriculture practices that do not support or engage in deforestation (Rainforest Alliance Certified).

Are your colorants safe?

We use a variety of FDA approved cosmetic grade colorants, from micas to lakes and dyes, though we do offer a variety of products with no added colorants. We use these in very small amounts (ex. 1/8 tsp of blue lake 1 in a batch of 72 bath bombs). 

Do you offer custom orders?

We do accept custom orders on bath bombs. Custom bath bombs must be purchased per batch of 70 bath bombs. Email morgan@sugarandspruce.com or call us at 888-210-7999 if you are interested in custom bath bombs!

Do you offer party favors? 

We have variety of offerings for every budget! Shower your guests with store favorites like shower bombs, sample soaps, mini bath bombs, and more! We offer deluxe packaging options for bulk orders with a 10% packaging fee. 



Do you offer any discounts on bulk orders?

We do have bulk discounts on our soaps, bath bombs, shower bombs, mini bath bombs, and wax melts. These are available per set, for example 4 soap bars will receive the bulk discount and then the next 4 will also receive the discount. If you are interested in purchasing in larger quantities, please reach out to see if you are eligible for a larger discount. 

The bulk discount is not showing up in my cart. What do I do?

Any discounts on your order will be processed after clicking the "continue to checkout" button, so if you are still looking at your cart the discount will not be populated yet. Be sure to click the "continue to checkout" button before selecting any express checkout buttons as the express checkout options available in the cart will not process the discount without hitting the "continue to checkout" button first. 

Can I use more than one discount at a time?

Unfortunately our system does not process more than one discount at a time. If you have a discount code and any products that would receive a bulk discount in your cart, you are able to enter the discount code at checkout, but that will cancel out the bulk deal. Your discount code may be more than the bulk deal though so we recommend keeping an eye out for which discount comes out to be higher for the best deal. 

 Do you offer a military discount?

We do not currently offer any military discounts as we offer the bulk discounts throughout the store instead. We are also a military family owned business so we appreciate your support!



How will my order be shipped when free shipping is offered?

Orders $75+ are shipped with USPS Ground. If you would prefer priority mail for rush shipping, please be sure to select that as you desired shipping option at checkout. 

How soon after ordering will my order be shipped?

All orders are shipped within 3 business days. If there will be a delay you will be notified. If you need your order to be shipped sooner, please reach out at 888-210-7999 and we will do our best to accommodate that!

 What is the Route option at checkout?

We understand that anything can happen to your order after it leaves our hands, so Route is our chosen partner for shipping insurance. If your order arrives broken or is lost/stolen, you are able to directly reach out to Route to either receive a new order or a refund! We highly recommend purchasing Route with your shipped order as we will not reimburse any orders that do not have Route purchased with it. In the event something happens to your order and you did not purchase Route, you will have to reach out to USPS directly for next steps. 


Do you offer any workshops?

We currently offer candle pouring, sugar scrub, and bath salt workshops. These are typically hosted at least once a month depending on our availability.

Do you host parties or private workshops?

We do! Workshops are available for parties between 4-10 people in our production room. You can find more information on our private parties page in the footer or email morgan@sugarandspruce.com with any questions!

I was gifted a workshop certificate. How do I use this?

When you are ready to book your workshop please reach out to morgan@sugarandspruce.com or call us at 888-210-7999 to secure your spot! If there are no workshops available please reach out so we can try to get something on the schedule for you.


Can't find the answer to your question here? Use the chat feature on our website or email morgan@sugarandspruce.com so we can assist you.