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Willy Wonka, the sugar sage. A man who lives in a chocolate factory clearly knows what the important things in life are, Sugar. So, when he said, “The best kind of prize is a SURprise”, we fully agreed. At Sugar + Spruce, we are all about the sweet things of life and believe putting a smile on someone else’s face just because is the cherry on top of a sweet experience. A Sugar + Spruce gift set is a sure way to do just that! Put together the sweetest bath and body set to to smother a friend in a little bit of sugar from their head to their toes!

First things first, Sugar, everyone needs to add a little “umph” to their morning routine. While our soaps offer a buffet of delicious scents, do your friend one better! Introduce them to our Loofah Soaps. They not only smell fantastic, clean and moisturize, they also exfoliate any extra dead skin! Our Pink Grapefruit Loofah Soap is a favorite. Grapefruit and Florida oranges collide in this sweet and juicy fragrance. Close your eyes and take a big whiff...no, don't bite it, we know your tempted.

A truly considerate friend never assumes, Sugar. Provide a variety of options your friend might like to bathe in. Just like there's more than one way to skin the cat, there's more than one way to suds up and exfoliate the skin. But if you ask us, sugar scrubs are the sweetest way. Sugar + Spruce Whipped Sugar Scrubs are a customer favorite. Basically, they're jars of creamy, sugary, delight to bathe your skin in. May we suggest Tobacco Flower? Another customer favorite!

Let’s move on to the next step, Sugar. A hot shower actually dries up the moisture from your skin. Look out for the state of your friend’s skin and gift them with our Peptide Silk Creme. Super light and luxurious, the added silk peptides will make their skin feel smooth and hydrated.

Stop by the shop today, Sugar. Let us help you blow your friends out of the bath tub water with the sweetest bath time treats!

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Hey Sugar!

Hey Sugar!

Bath time is our favorite part of the day, and if you’re not having fun, then you’re doing it wrong!

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