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At Sugar + Spruce, you know our sweet bath and body treats are infused with scents specially designed to conjure up the sweetest memories, Sugar. So where are July’s scents of the month taking us? Buckle up…

No, seriously. Buckle up! Claim your rightful car trip seat amongst your siblings, Sugar. We are headed to the beach. Any minute now we should be clear of the highway and onto those country back roads. Ah, yes! There it is: the first fresh fruit stand. The affirmative answer to, “Are we almost there?!” Look! The fresh seafood road-side store. That’s it. A.C. off. It’s officially time to roll down the windows. Hair blowing in the balmy wind, can’t you smell it?! The warm, salty sea air.

You finally pull in to the lazy beach town. Everything is just as it was last year, untouched by time. (That may be because old just always looks old.) But there it is, every beach town’s staple: the souvenir store. (Wings, if you are an Outer Bankser) The traditional pit-stop is in order. Why? For the boxes of salt water taffy, Sugar! Our favorite flavor is Sassy Taffy, of course. A delicious combination of tart and tangy. Chew away! Better yet? Bathe away in waves of our Sassy Taffy bath bomb!
At the bottom of the sea, we imagine stashes of our sweet Sea Tart bath bombs. Sweet scents of gardenia and jasmine, gushing with flavors of pineapple and sea berries. When activated, the waters swirl into whirlpools of tang!

Fill your home (or beach house!) with the scents of summer, Sugar! Click here to shop our Sassy Taffy and Sea Tart scented bath time treats.


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Hey Sugar!

Hey Sugar!

Bath time is our favorite part of the day, and if you’re not having fun, then you’re doing it wrong!

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