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Today, we are bringing you a massage in a bottle (see what we did there, Sugar?). For years, (we’re talking centuries), seawater has been known to carry therapeutic waves of benefits for healing your body. At Sugar + Spruce, we have bottled the magic of sea salt soaks into three glass bottles of relief!

Happy Sinus Salt Soak

We know fish are smelly, but can they actually smell? Can you? Do your sinuses have you feeling like a blow fish? Plunge into a nice hot bath with a Sugar + Spruce Happy Sinus Salt Soak and soak your worries away. How does this work? The combination of salts and essential oils with hot water stimulates circulation and lymph drainage which aids in opening up your sinuses!

Muscle Relief Salt Soak

Feel like a shellfish? Stiff with muscle cramps and tense shoulders? One dip into a mermaid lagoon infused with a Sugar + Spruce Muscle Relief Salt Soak will instantly transform you into the likes of an amphibious creature! Read: frog hands and jellyfish legs. It is a complex blend of essential oils that increase blood circulation which relieves achy muscles. Few of us consume the daily recommended amount of Magnesium. And unfortunately, that’s not the sweetest news for our bodies, Sugar. Magnesium plays a key role in preventing inflammation. The good news is that Magnesium is a primary chemical in salt. One plunge into a bath full of our Muscle Relief Salt Soak is one plunge into relief!

Relaxing As Hell Salt Soak

Do you ever just need to get away? Are the people around you a little crabby? Is there someone you know who’s being a particular sea witch? Soak the day away with a Sugar + Spruce Relaxing As Hell Salt Soak, Sugar. This lavender scented salt soak soaks straight to the point. You are here to relax and no one will take this time from you, come hell or high water!

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Hey Sugar!

Hey Sugar!

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