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Father’s Day is just a few days away, Sugar. Let us guess the predicament we know many of you might find yourself in: You love your Dad. You do not love how difficult it is to find a Father’s Day gift to convey this great love to him. Let’s face it, Sugar, dads are difficult when it comes to gift-giving.

This year, you really wanted to go above and beyond. You wanted to put in the effort and find a real gift your dad would love. But alas, it’s the Thursday before the big day and your hands are empty. Tomorrow or Saturday, you plan on joining the other good-intentioned children of great fathers, and scan the picked-over father card selections at Target.

We don’t want you to be like them, Sugar. So, we are making it easy for you NOT to be. We are here to make YOU the favorite child.

While we love our sugar-inspired treats, we want there to be something sweet for everyone at Sugar + Spruce. We want to ensure the men in your family are spruced up, as well!

June 15-17th, buy two of our men’s products and receive a free soap! Beard oil, beard balm, a shave brush, shave soap, muscle rub…a Father’s Day gift package in the making!

May we suggest our Bay Runner soap bar? It is a spicy and rich blend of clove, cinnamon, orange, patchouli and other warm fragrances. Your dad will be smellin’ like he just stepped out an old fashioned barbershop! Or perhaps our Mad Hops Beer soap. One of our most popular men’s fragrances, this soap is handcrafted with Mad Beach Wheat ale with a refreshing citrus kick!

Don’t be like them, Sugar. Blow your dad out of the water with a Father’s Day gift from Sugar + Spruce!

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Hey Sugar!

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