Save The Iguanas! Or At Least Save Your Skin.

Did you hear the news? Last week in Florida, iguanas were falling out of trees it was so chilly! The winter air froze their dry skin right up, they couldn’t even move! To us this is a serious matter that may sound just a little silly!

Though we don’t anticipate an iguana downpour in the near Fredericksburg future, we DO know that this time of year means dry skin! But have no fear! We have the perfect remedy to keep your skin smooth and soft.

For dry and chapped skin, our go-to remedy is our Calendula Creme. Calendula is a genus of plants in the daisy family. You may know it by its more common name, “marigold.” For centuries, it has helped provide salvation to skin. Worth its weight in gold, “Mary’s Gold” morphed into “marigold”.

Calendula has highly effective anti-inflammatory and vulnerary properties. What does this mean? Not only does it moisturize immediately, it also promotes regeneration of the skin. When it comes to wounds, eczema, and dry skin (i.e. anytime the skin becomes raw and agitated), calendula is a total skin-saver!

While calendula is an absolute must for this dry time of year, we also love it year-round. Because of it’s regenerative properties, including its abundance of natural antioxidants, calendula creme helps keep your skin healthy and youthful.

Our favorite part? Rich, dense, and buttery, calendula body creme soaks right into the skin leaving no greasy residue. Featuring sumptuous organic shea butter, creamy cacao, kokum and mango butters, luscious avocado and carrot seed oil, it’s also the perfect massage creme!

If we could offer a tub of our calendula creme to every fallen iguana, we would in a flash. But for now? We’re on a mission to save your skin from that awfully dry winter rash!

Until next time, Sugar!

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