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Turn that frown upside down, sugar. We have the sweetest reason for you to smile. Spruce up and pucker up with Sugar + Spruce's new Lip Sugar Scrubs!

With summer just around the corner (we hope…it’s still so chilly outside here in Virginia!), we know you will be having some fun in the sun. We also know your lips will be vulnerable to at least one sun burn or two this summer, as well. But have no fear! A magically sweet elixir is here. Our Lip Sugar Scrubs are the sweetest combination of Jojoba Oil and well, sugar obviously. Sugar is a natural exfoliant to remove unwanted dead skin from your lips. (Picture: a perfect Cupid’s bow instead of Achille’s heel.)

We know you have a sweet tooth, or else you wouldn’t be here. So of course we have flavors fit for a sugar queen!

Berrychill: You know as strawberry sorbet starts to melt, it leaves the perfect kiss of tart on your lips? Save the calories, sugar and lap on some Berrychill Lip Sugar Scrub!

Chocolate Lava Cake: Yup, you read that right. One twist of the cap is like like opening the oven to freshly baked brownies. Like brownies, this one will be gone before you know it. (You should probably buy two, and maybe one more when no ones watching.)

Fairy Floss: Also known as Cotton Candy. If you want this one to last, be sure to keep this one away from the kids, sugar.

Orange Creamsicle: That dreamy blend of vanilla cream with a citrus kick. This flavor is unmistakable for anything else!

Tasty Tart: The ultimate pucker-upper. Promises pinched cheeks and winced eyes. As always, first it’s sour then it’s sweet!

Vanilla Coconut Milk: Sweet vanilla cream flavored with coconut. We got it from the land of milk and honey. It’s heavenly!

Not only do these one ounce jars of delicious protect and moisturize your lips, it also helps your lipstick stay on for longer! Shop here for the perfect pout!

Until next time, sugar!

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Hey Sugar!

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