May The Scents Be With You | Honeysuckle Kisses & Blackberry Magnolia | Bath + Body Treats

Smell is one of the most powerful triggers to transport you to a past memory.

At Sugar + Spruce, we are firm believers that your bath and body products—from your handcrafted soaps to your whipped sugar scrubs and your to your shower fizzies—all of these bath time treats should do more than just leave your skin feeling soft and clean, they should transport you to the sweetest places!

Let us conjure up the sweetest memories for you, sugar, as we describe the two scents of the month…

You’re with the neighborhood gang, barefoot, feeling the freshly cut summer grass between your toes (depending if you grew up in suburbia rather than farmlands, of course). As dawn pulls its covers over the day, you and your friends grab the mason jars and prepare for the hunt, the firefly hunt. Running through each other’s yards, the unmistakable scent of the sweetest nectar kisses the heavy humid air. There it is, the bushel of honeysuckle. Impossible to pass, you pick a flower or two, carefully removing the stem as a drop of honey oozes out. One lick of the tiniest drop of fresh honeysuckle is never enough, so you lose yourself in searching for the most bountiful pick of honeysuckle until you hear the rest of the kids shouting down by the creek!


You catch up to the gang swinging from the the limbs of an old magnolia tree (picture little Forrest Gump, leg braces and all). An irresistible climb, you shimmy your way up there and join the fun! The night’s symphony of cricket chirps and the sweetest giggles whisper into the evening, as your dad calls for your return.

You swing open that old squeaky porch door and a swath filled with the scents of blackberry pie pulls you into the kitchen. Caught by the eyes on the back of your mother’s head, your effort to sneak only a bite is thwarted…. "That is for the neighbors,” she insists.


No worries, sugar. Your bathroom is filled with our Blackberry Magnolia bath bombs. The only thing better than eating such deliciousness is bathing in it! So, grab your bar of Honeysuckle Kisses soap and re-live the sweetest day.

Until next time!

Crystal + Morgan

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Hey Sugar!

Hey Sugar!

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