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At Sugar + Spruce, we’re not just any old bath and body apothecary. We mean, come on! Just look at this place, isn’t it neat? 

On top of that, our collection is complete. With what, you ask? Gadgets and gizmos of plenty of the most luxurious and cheeky bath time products that make your bath time complete! Bath bombs and whipped sugar scrubs galore! Indulge your sweet tooth with zero calorie guilt free-treats. At Sugar + Spruce, we encourage you to get dirty, wash & repeat! 

First time in the store? Looking for something specific? Let us wine and dine you, so to speak, with product demonstrations of sugar scrubs that leave your skin feeling as smooth as silk (our Cotton Candy Whipped Sugar Scrub is always a favorite) and soap scents like our Ocean Breeze Soap Bar, personally approved by Pearl, the reigning mermaid of Sugar + Spruce. 

We’re in the sugar business, sugar. As our compatriot, Willy Wonka, says, “The best kind of prize is a SUR-prise!” and we 100% agree. We love to keep you on your mermaid toes (if such a thing exists, …who knows!) and offer the sweetest weekly specials! This week, when you buy three shower bombs, receive the fourth for free! Click here to shower yourself with shower bomb treats! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @getsugarandspruce and be on-the-ready to be the winner of one of our pop-up giveaways! 


One step into Sugar + Spruce, literally and digitally speaking, is one step into a treasure chest of gift-giving gold. With our gift cards, you’re granting your loved ones the wishes of their bubbliest dreams. Get fun and silly and leave a popsicle in the shower for an unsuspecting roommate (one of our shower-proof soapsicles, that is!) 

For life in general, we believe that if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong. The same goes for bath time, sugar. If it’s not sweet, it’s not complete!

Until next time, sugar!

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Hey Sugar!

Hey Sugar!

Bath time is our favorite part of the day, and if you’re not having fun, then you’re doing it wrong!

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