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Hey Sugar! We know you’ve been working hard on keeping those #newyearnewyou goals! With fitness plans, diet regimens, and career strategies, it can feel overwhelming sometimes. 

When you start to feel like you’re pushing your limit, we want you to relax with our scent of the month, Morning Mint!

This scent is perfect for those go-getters who need a little more focus during the day to help them achieve their goals! With an incredibly fresh smelling mixture of eucalyptus, sage, spearmint, and lavender, you’ll feel like wrapping yourself in gum and getting ready to chew up the day!

Dropping one of our Morning Mint Bath Bombs into the tub gives a fizzy, fresh smelling and fun kick to your dull day. When bath time is over, you’ll have a bathroom that smells minty-fresh (without all the scrubbing)! How sweet is that?

Our Morning Mint Loofah Soap cleanses and moisturizes you, exfoliating your dead skin, and getting you and your bathroom smelling pretty! It’s guaranteed to turn your boring bath into a fun and refreshing soak, so you can face the day or hit the hay!

You can also rise and shine, Sugar, with our Spruce Up Spritz in Morning Mint. It’s the perfect way to start the day off right with a burst of our brightest scents! Great for your body, linens, or even you car, you just shake and spritz, and you’re on your way to a sweet-smelling day!


So whether you’re starting the new year off with sweaty gym sessions or daunting desk work, you can stay feeling fresh with our Morning Mint scent! Get yours here!

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Hey Sugar!

Hey Sugar!

Bath time is our favorite part of the day, and if you’re not having fun, then you’re doing it wrong!

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