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Hey Sugar! We’ve officially entered into the month of love, romance, and of course, sweets! What could be better than a whole month to eat all of our favorite delights?

We really love this month for all the delicious goodies we find, and have already been eyeing a few to buy for ourselves! If you have a chocolate sweet tooth ilke us, this month’s scent is perfect for you!

Our scent of the month, Chocolate, is the ultimate, decadent treat to indulge in every moment of the day!

You can enjoy the delicious taste of chocolate on your lips with two, sweet options! With its combination of Vitamin E, coconut oil, and shea butter, our Chocolate Lava Cake Lip Balm protects and moisturizes your lips, and leaves them tasting like your favorite dessert! You can also exfoliate your dry, winter lips with sugar and jojoba oil in our Chocolate Lava Cake Lip Scrub, while enjoying the taste of freshly baked brownies!

If you’ve been dreaming of wrapping yourself in creamy chocolate, look no further than  our Cocoa Butter Cream! Rich, buttery, and chocolatey, it’s perfect as a natural aromatherapy and moisturizer to soothe chapped, dry skin!

Looking for something to spruce up your shower? You can lather your skin with our delicious treat, Neapolitan Soapsicle, and leave your bathroom smelling of your favorite ice cream combo! With hints of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate, you’ll be hard to resist on your special date night!

No matter which sweet you choose, you’re sure to feel and smell amazing all month long! 

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Hey Sugar!

Hey Sugar!

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