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Behind The Red Apron With Michael Carder

Michael Carder

Favorite Product:

So my favorite product would definitely be the muscle rub. After an intense workout, it’s a great way to wind down and relax for the day.

Favorite Fragrance:

My favorite fragrance is our Ocean because it’s a very clean, soothing scent that reminds me of the water.

How Long Have You Worked At Ladyburg:

I have worked at Ladyburg for over 2 years now and working alongside the production staff has been amazing!

What Is Your Favorite Part About Working At Ladyburg?:

My favorite part about working at Ladyburg is the family environment that our store has and the family-like interaction that takes place between our co-workers.


When I’m not at work I am usually watching Netflix, working out, hanging out with friends and family, or working on my car!

Favorite Shows:

My favorite shows are Shameless, How I Met Your Mother, the Office, and Friday Night Lights.