Behind The Red Apron With Hunter Wellman

Favorite Product:

I like the Oatmeal Stout soap bar.

Favorite Fragrance:

Plot twist….it's Oatmeal Stout.

How Long Have You Worked At Ladyburg:

Part time from the very beginning four years ago but full time for the last two years. I mostly worked the retail floor for most of the time but now I work in production which I love so much better..

What Is Your Favorite Part About Working At Ladyburg?:

I really like all of my coworkers. Many of us are family, old friends or new friends now.


Reading under candle light, long drives at night, drinking Earl Grey tea specifically, and hanging with my girlfriend.

Favorite Shows:

I like Game of Thrones, Legion, and Big Little Lies.



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Hey Sugar!

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