Behind the Red Apron with Danielle Newcomb

Favorite Product:

My favorite product would have to be our Bath Bombs! They are super moisturizing and fun to watch float around the tub. Plus, you really can’t beat how many awesome fragrances there are to choose from!

Favorite Fragrance:
My favorite fragrance is definitely our honeysuckle because of how nostalgic it is for me. Growing up I used to have a honeysuckle bush in my backyard that would bloom all summer so that fragrance takes me back home and playing in the grass!

How Long Have You Worked At Ladyburg:
I’ve worked at Ladyburg since November 11th of 2016. I came on as seasonal help for the Christmas rush and they have yet to get rid of me! Maybe they forgot so let’s not say anything.

What Is Your Favorite Part About Working At Ladyburg?:

I really love working at Ladyburg because I am passionate about holistic health and wellness. Ladyburg is perfect for people like me who want natural body care I know I can trust. I can actually see the products being made right in the store by my co-workers so I know it’s being made right.

I practice yoga, garden, crochet, and knit!

Favorite Shows:
My top three favorite shows are Portlandia, Community, and the OA!


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Hey Sugar!

Hey Sugar!

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