Behind The Red Apron With Matt Mines

Matt Mines - Production Mastermind


Matthew Mines


Favorite Product:

There are so many great products to choose from, but people would be surprised that I love one of the more obscure ones, the Muscle Salt Soak. I really like the smell of the essential oil blend and the salt soak definitely helps relax at the end of a long day.


Favorite Fragrance:

I have to go with one of the customer favorites here. I’ve always really loved the tobacco flower fragrance. It's just so unique and reminds me of my home in Tennessee. 


How Long Have You Worked At Ladyburg:

I've been here since day one in 2012! I serve in the Virginia National Guard so I took a little "break" and deployed for a year.


What Is Your Favorite Part About Working At Ladyburg?:

Oh, it's definitely the people both our customers and our amazing fun crew. I really enjoy being able to work with my family and I've met so many cool people here.



Does working count? No? Well ever since I was deployed I have really gotten into weight lifting. While I'm home I like to play video games and watch Hulu.


Favorite Shows:

My top three shows are definitely Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones!



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