3 Self Care Trends For Millennials

The millennial generation is unlike any other the world has seen – and how you embrace me time needs to reflect that unique way-of-life.

You are a tech-savvy, environment-loving, wellness-focused kind-of consumer with your values clearly defined. You have less time, more debt (we’re looking at you, student loans) and have mastered the art of philanthropy, which is why it is just as important to give some attention to your own self-care regiment. Our products embrace those special-to-you characteristics by being designed with those priorities in mind.

So, in between scrolling through your newsfeed and Uber’ing (I think we just made a verb out of that) to your next destination, find out how we are stocking our virtual shelves with products designed with digital nomads in mind.

Charcoal face mask

Millennials are online – 

It is no coincidence that the rise of selfies happened on your watch. You are mobile and the internet is your playground. In the spirit of making sure your skin is Instagram-worthy, put a mask on it. Our latest charcoal mask screams #nofilter needed (even though it never hurts to add a little Juno to your post).

Plus, as we get deeper into winter months, your skin is going to need some extra love to keep it from drying out. Cue moisturizers, and extra points for using oils or crèmes with non-clogging ingredients.

Millennials are green -

Green is the new black. You hate global warming, and we love the environment. It’s a win-win sort of relationship, especially since activated charcoal is all the rage right now. Our charcoal bar soap is vegan-friendly, and Mother Earth loves us for it.

Before adding anything to your shopping cart, always check the labels. Avoid products with long lists of chemicals in the ingredients.


Millennials are on the go

You are far too busy for long trips to the spa, so you likely want products that can keep up with your day-to-day. Just like you would make time for a cardio workout or fresh haircut, schedule an appointment for some at-home down time – and toss some bath bombs in your box of relaxation tricks.

Burnout is a real thing and typically we don’t recognize we’re there, until our plate is overloaded and we have reached max capacity stress. Pick a day of the week to soak in the tub with a favorite page-turner. Add a little Snowday in there to get in the holiday spirit.


Whether you’re cramming for that end of the semester final or picking up an extra shift to put more presents under the tree, it can feel impossible to fit another thing in your day. But, just like the airlines tell us, you have to put on your own mask before you can help someone else. It just so happens that mask is made of charcoal, there may be the aroma of Spruce in the air, and the newest Eminem/Beyoncé single is playing in the background.

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