DIY-Gift Basket Ideas for Babysitters, Teachers, and More

Are you aiming to make Santa’s nice list this year? Don’t forget to fill those shopping carts for the people that make your day a little bit easier. You know just who we mean – the babysitter who takes great care of your kiddos so you can have a date night, a teacher who goes the extra mile to help your student make the grades, the groomer who always makes your fur-baby shine, or your go-to hairdresser that squeezes you in when those roots show up uninvited.

Here are three easy gift ideas that will definitely make their holiday more cheerful and get you added to next year’s Christmas card list:

For the person who deserves a time-out.

We all know someone like this. The always on-the-go hustler running around for everybody, except themselves. These people find it hard to relax or just say no, so this gift forces them to hit the pause button – even if it is just for one night. This basket has all the elements of a Beach Boys meets Michael Bublé song.


4 Merry Mistletoe Bath Bombs (<-see what we did there? Bath bomb + Christmas theme = winning)

1 Body Scrub (we recommend taking them on a trip with Sweet on Paris)

3 Coastal Collection Candles to transport them to the beach (even if baby, it’s cold outside)

1 Clarifying Face Mask (because who has time to spend hours at the spa)

Photo: @shiningsol

Or the one who should get out more.

In the digital age, people are glued to cell phones, laptops, and their desks. ALL.THE.TIME. This leaves little time to explore interests and hobbies. Help a special someone unplug by giving them the gift of an experience. If they have an obvious affinity for culture, treat them to an art class at Ponshop. If they keep an overly stressful schedule, book them a hot yoga session. Options are endless, and if you’re hitting a blank, the App Yoga Trail is a great starting point because it lets you search by local activity.

Photo: @ponshop

And when you just don’t know what they like.

Then there are those people who we love to love, but are completely clueless about what would bring them Christmas cheer. What’s a gal to do? Let them choose! Gift card baskets are oh-so-fun and thoughtful, and a great way to support Local boutiques in your area. Take a little tour of your town and pick gift cards to places with the intimate offerings of small businesses in your zip code.

Photo: @fredmonkees

The great thing about the season of giving is that it’s less about what you spend, and so much more about the gesture – and this is the one instance that saying is true. It is the thought that really counts, which makes building a do-it-yourself gift basket friendly for any budget. You can buy a simple basket, stocking, flower pot, or so on to be the actual vessel and fill it with a bunch of items that match a playful theme.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, let your creativity shine through.

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