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As the sweetest bath and body shop around, we are always looking for ways to bring the sweetness to you, sugar! We are firm believers that in order for an experience to be sweet, it has to transport you to a place like none other. That is just what our Unicorn Tale Candle was created for…

As you may already know, a tale is an imaginative telling of a story. One strike of the match to our Unicorn Tale Candle is one step into a magical world we like to call Candy Mountain, sugar.

Gallop into the mythical world of rainbows and unicorns where blades of grass are sweeter than honey and everything that glitters is gold. We are not horsing around. Our Unicorn Tale Candle is splashed from the glitter of mermaid tails, swimming in the depths of the wildest seas.

The crackling wood wick lulls your mind into a state of tranquility. As the 100% soy wax melts, scents of serenity are released into the air, wrapping your body in a heavenly sense of calm. The flickering flame softens the room, enabling your mind to concentrate and relax into the present moment. We will have to warn you, sugar, that with a 70-90 hour burn time, beware of slipping into a magical sleeping spell of 100 years! (Totally kidding, sugar. But a power nap is never a bad thing!)

While each of our candles is made in Virginia, each of them carries you off into a place of luxury and whimsy. Click here to shop a candle for the magical win!

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Hey Sugar!

Hey Sugar!

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