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Have you ever wondered what made Cinderella’s skin so youthful and glowing? Probably not. But we have to wonder, sugar. Was this “little cinder girl” on to a natural skin regimen way before its time? Did those nights, sleeping beside the smoldering fire cast embers capable of skin regeneration? Well, one closer glimpse into the benefits of Activated Charcoal for your skin may support our princess skin hypothesis, here, sugar…

First off, you may be asking, “Activated Charcoal? Say what?!” Now before you go thinking we are asking you to cover your body in ashes, let us explain. Medicinally, charcoal has been used for centuries. From Ancient Egyptians, Hindu documents from 450 B.C. and on into the 18th century, charcoal has been used for anything from cleaning wounds to water filtration. This is because of its extracting capabilities.

Activated Charcoal Soap

When charcoal is exposed to heat, this activates the carbon to form fissures, or large pores. As all pores do, the carbon’s pores are ready to do their job: absorb. When it is exposed to toxins, the carbon’s pores immediately absorb them! (We are totally picturing that scene in “The Green Mile,” where the lead role guy sucks out all of the toxins from the sick lady…never mind. Let’s get back to Cinderella.)

When it comes to having princess skin, activated charcoal may help you get there. For those of you with an oily face, our Clarifying Mask (made with activated charcoal) absorbs excessive oil from the surface of your skin. When it comes to blemishes and acne, the mask removes skin impurities from clogged pores, allowing them to breath. This provides a clear passageway for oxygen to enter the skin’s surface, which is essential for skin cell reproduction! This goes for your entire body, as well. Activated Charcoal Soap is gentle enough for sensitive skin, and intensely moisturizing for dry skin. We recommend our Activated Charcoal Soap to lather up with, and our Clarifying Mask to keep your face clear!

The conclusion to our princess skin hypothesis? Cinderella was definitely on to something, sugar.

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