The Sugar + Spruce Facial Recipe

Check lists are known to help with productivity. Especially for our business days, it’s pretty safe to say most people have a “to-do” list either floating in their head, scribbled on a Post-It, or perfectly formatted and living on every digital device they own. The point? The utility of a check-list is pretty universal to all personality types.

This got us thinking, though. We think your bath time routine is just as vital to your day-to-day productivity as any thing else! Particularly when it comes to keeping your face looking as sweet as sugar!

Today, we’re sharing our go-to check list when it comes to our facial routine. Follow this 1-2-3, try it with consistency, and clean and clear your skin will be!

1. Remove Eye Makeup With Oil Cleanser. 


To avoid waking up with an unintentional “dramatic eye” look, use an oil cleanser to remove all eye makeup before you go to bed. Because of their consistency, oil cleansers break up any makeup residue. Massage around your eyes and then splash with a dash of lukewarm water to emulsify the cleanser. Rub away and then rinse away!

2. Follow Up With A Water Based Cleanser

Your oil cleanser did its job in breaking up any makeup residue and bringing those impurities up to the surface. Next step? A double cleanse with a water based cleanser. This washes away all leftovers and leaves your face fresh and clean! 

3. Exfoliate

At least twice a week, we recommend a little exfoliation. Dead skin cells have a way of building up and clogging your pores. Exfoliating clears the decks, so to speak, for the rest of your skin care products to dive in to your pores and do their job!

Don’t have a favorite exfoliator? Next time you stop by Sugar + Spruce, pick up our Papaya & Enzyme mask! While we love our Whipped Sugar Scrubs to exfoliate your body, our Papaya & Enzyme mask is a little more delicate and perfect to exfoliate the skin on your face!

4. Toner

The common thought is to completely pat your face dry before you apply your moisturizer. But think about it, sugar. The drier something is, the harder and more closed up it becomes. It’s not quite as easy to rehydrate. Toners dampen your skin and balances its Ph levels. Apply our Sugar + Spruce Balancing Toner to your face and gently swipe around your face!

5. Serum

Boosting treatments such as serums have a more concentrated ability to target your specific skincare concerns. Depending if your skin is acne prone, aging, or just needing a pick-me-up, at Sugar + Spruce, we have variety of serums to get the most out of your daily facial routine! Pick yours up in-store today!

6. Face Masks 

Infused with Vitamin C, our Sugar + Spruce Antioxidant Mask Powder helps your skin achieve a youthful glow! Place desired amount in a bowl, add liquid of choice (water, milk, etc) mix, mix, mix and apply to face. Let completely dry, gently buff off with wet washcloth. We like to use a foundation brush for mask application but this can be applied with fingers if mask is made thick enough. We recommend using once a week!

7. Eye creme

The skin around your eyes is the most delicate, which means it requires a little extra T.L.C.! Eye cream provides this area of the skin with an extra serving of moisture and protection! 

8. Moisturizer

Keeping your skin moisturized is the most essential part of your facial routine. Morning, noon, and night (okay, just morning and night will do — but you get the point), apply a moisturizer that works with your skin!

9. Sun protection

Last but certainly not least, apply sunscreen! This is the most effective way to prevent premature aging (and skin cancer)! Sunburns have their own special glow to them, but we think a natural glow is the way to go!


Until next time, sugar!

Crystal + Morgan

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Hey Sugar!

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