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The World Health Organization recommends “…that no more than 10% of an adult’s calories…should come from added sugar or from natural sugars…” That is about 25 grams, Sugar. Nevertheless, the average American consumes up to 82 grams of sugar, per day. 

We are not going to sugar coat it, Sugar. We know high consumption of sugar leads to diabetes and heart disease. Science has proven that sugar even has addictive and mood-altering properties and we totally believe it! But at Sugar + Spruce, we can not get enough sugar. Sometimes, you just have to have it. And we think you should — without the guilt! Which is why each of our scents and flavors are infused with the sweetest scents and how we exist as the calorie-free sweet shop!

As you know, at Sugar + Spruce we are always in the soap kitchen whipping up something sweet. While these treats are not for you to eat, they are for you to smell and lather up with, Sugar. We’ve capitalized on the fact that smell influences what you taste. It has something to do with what they call your “Olfactory cells”….but we’re not the doctors here, Sugar. We just know that toasted marshmallows just do not quite taste the same when you are home sick with a stuffy nose! 

Ever since we re-branded from Ladyburg to Sugar + Spruce, sugar has been calling our name, literally. We have introduced some sweet treats like our soapsicles (Toasted Marshmallow being our newest flavor!) and have new sweet treats in the works! We wanted to share some delicious visuals to keep your scents guessing, Sugar. Enjoy!

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Hey Sugar!

Hey Sugar!

Bath time is our favorite part of the day, and if you’re not having fun, then you’re doing it wrong!

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