October’s Scent of the Month | Spiked Cider!

Hey, Sugar! This month, we wanted to treat you to a scent that fully captured the essence of the falling leaves, the chilly breeze, and the overwhelming sense to stay indoors where it’s nice and warm. October’s scent of the month - Spiked Cider - does just that!

With hints of pears and apricots, this scent reminds us of that super delicious Virginia Apple Cider. Dropping this bath bomb into your bath tub turns it into a swirling dream! With hints of cinnamon and that fiery Irish whiskey, it’s the perfect blend of sweet and spicy!

The smoothing avocado oil will moisturize your skin, and foams into a fun and refreshing soak that will leave you feeling more relaxed and ready to handle whatever the day throws at you. Don’t worry, Sugar, you won’t look sparkly…just left feeling it all day! Spiked Cider is sure to give you that flawless, fall feeling!

Consider this your new holiday tradition: Watching your favorite Halloween movie, finishing those last draining tasks, and then soaking in the warmth of our Spiked Cider bath bomb! Pair your calming evening with a glass of warm cider to feel completely immersed in this harvest season. With Halloween right around the corner, make sure your days are filled with a few cool treats! 

Stop by your favorite bath and body shop, and enjoy what is sure to be your new favorite bath product! It’s a perfectly-priced pick-me-up to combat those frigid fall days!

See you soon, Sugar! 

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Hey Sugar!

Hey Sugar!

Bath time is our favorite part of the day, and if you’re not having fun, then you’re doing it wrong!

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