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Candle Making With Ladyburg Part 1

Fredericksburg Living  got a behind the scenes tour of our candle making process.  Read part 1 below.

Photo credit: Fredericksburg Living

I love candles. There is something about having a candle burning in your home that makes it feel a bit more cozy. I enjoy keeping them lit on and off throughout the day with a little coffee house music playing in the background.

It never has occurred to me what actually goes into creating a candle. I thought you simply went to a hobby store, bought some wax and essential oils, melted the wax, added the oil and poured it in a glass container. (I know, I know – I’m just not the uber crafty type. Although I secretly wish I was!)

Thank goodness Crystal Wellman and Morgan Wellman – co-owners of Ladyburg set me straight during a fun-filled candle making session.

Join me in this 3 part series as we learn a few candle making secrets from this awesome duo over the next two Thursdays in June.

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