Calendula Butter Creme


We don't mean to rub it in (or do we?), but our creams are the crème-de-la-crème! When it comes to treating your skin right, Sugar + Spruce is sure to delight!

Calendula Butter Cream

Is your skin about as dry as a piece of driftwood? Is it as chapped and scaly as a washed-up whale? Our Calendula Butter Cream is your go-to remedy. Calendula is a genus of plants in the daisy family. You may know it by its more common name, "Marigold." For centuries, it has helped provide salvation to skin. Worth its weight in gold, "Mary's Gold" morphed into "Marigold."


Calendula has a highly effective anti-inflammatory and vulnerary properties. What does this mean? Not only does it moisturize immediately, it also helps promote regeneration of the skin. When it comes to wounds, eczema, and dry skin (i.e anytime the skin becomes raw and agitated), Calendula is a total skin-saver!

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