Harmony Shower Fizzy

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No Bath Tub? Don't Worry Sugar, We've Got You Covered.

Scent Profile: Floral
Harmony Shower Fizzy is a beautiful bouquet of floral essential oils. Including ylang ylang, rose, lavender, mandarin with subtle notes of lemon and a dash of cinnamon. 

No factories were used in this product:
  • Oil free for a non slip shower experience 
  • Perfect for the shower lover
  • Mood boosting aromatherapy 
  • Your own personal steam room

How to use:

Simply place shower fizzy on the shower floor away from the drain. Take a few deep breaths as the shower fizzy releases mood boosting essential oils. 

Featured Ingredients:

Essential oils and or fragrance, citric acid, baking soda, FDA approved colorant

*Color and consistency may vary as all products are handmade*