Top 5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin This Summer

Summer is almost over! Have you been taking care of your skin?
Here are the top 5 ways our Master Esthetician, Crystal, takes care of her skin in the hot summer sun!
Make sure you’re using at least 30+ SPF. Anything less will not protect your skin from that spicy summer sun! Don’t forget to reapply every 2 hours or after you have been in the water.
Hot tip: Look out for oxybenzone in your sunscreen - it acts as a hormone disruptor and can harm sea life. Many places are starting to ban this ingredient!
As the great Ru Paul would say “I call shade!”
We all love to soak up the Vitamin D in the summer but there can always be too much of a good thing. Make sure you are getting regular shade to give your skin time to cool off and prevent yourself from turning into a lobster!
    Humans are 60% water so that hot summer sun will dehydrate you faster than a speeding ticket in downtown Fredericksburg! Make sure you are drinking at least 50% of your body weight in water, even more if you’ll be in the sun.. Here’s an easy way to calculate how much you’ll need! Body weight x 0.5 = minimum ounces of water.
    Pacific Rain Whipped Sugar Scrub
      We expose our skin to so much in the summer, from chlorine in the pools to layers upon layers of sunscreen, so make sure you are using a gentle exfoliant like our Whipped Sugar Scrub to keep your skin polished and fresh.

      Disclaimer: if your skin is sunburnt, wait until it heals to exfoliate so you aren’t damaging your sensitive skin. 
        Silk Cream


        Even though it’s not as dry as the winter, you still need a light moisturizer in the summer so your skin doesn't fry up like bacon! Try our Silk Cream for smooth skin without any greasy feeling. If your skin needs some extra oomph our Calendula Butter is a great hybrid lotion that sinks in quickly while still providing a punch of moisturization!

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