November's Scent of the Month | Toasted Marshmallow!

Hey Sugar! This month, we want to treat you to a scent that reminds you of that perfect fall feeling of standing around the bonfire with your friends, enjoying a delicious, sugary treat. November’s scent of the month - Toasted Marshmallow - does just that!

A scent straight from memory lane, Toasted Marshmallow reminds us of strolls through the pumpkin patch, flag football in the yard, and cooking in the kitchen with the family! It gives that familiar feeling of warmth in the chilly, fall weather, and makes us reach for our comfiest sweater!

We believe the best marshmallow is a burnt marshmallow... Well, maybe not burnt - but definitely toasted! That delicious caramelization is perfectly captured here, with subtle hints of sugar and smoke.

If you’re craving S’mores now... no worries, Sugar. We are too! This scent is the perfect way to indulge your sweet tooth without the calories! (Although, we wouldn’t say “no” to a nice, golden marshmallow or chocolaty graham cracker right now!)

Our Toasted Marshmallow Soapsicle is the best way to start your morning with a smile. You deserve the sweetness this popsicle will bring to your day... and your skin! It leaves you feeling soft and smelling sweet!

You can also indulge your sweet side with our Toasted Marshmallow Bath Bomb! It’s great for those nights when the rain keeps you inside from the bonfire you’ve been dreaming of!

Be sure to stop by and see us soon to try this newest scent! We promise it gives you all the sugar... without the calories!

Can’t make it in? Shop it here, Sugar!

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Hey Sugar!

Hey Sugar!

Bath time is our favorite part of the day, and if you’re not having fun, then you’re doing it wrong!

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