Here's 3 Reasons to #ShopSmall This Season

We are your neighbors and friends. We are little league coaches, community volunteers, and local leaders. We are the men and women who served this country in uniform, and the family who stood behind them. We are small business owners.

Entrepreneurs live and breathe the American dream, and in 2017 we are dreaming a little bigger - but we need your support to keep these doors wide open. The #ShopSmall movement was built on the idea that when a small business succeeds, communities as a whole prosper. As you build this year’s shopping list and check it twice, I challenge you to give us a shot by investing in the products and services created by the vision of a small-town CEO – like us.

Here's 3 reasons to spend your dollars in small businesses around the US this holiday season:

Products with purpose.

We only sell the type of products we want to use ourselves. Everything that goes on our shelves - including the virtual ones - is something we would put in a gift bag to our daughters and husbands and co-workers. From the handcrafted soaps to the uniquely-named bath bombs, the walls of Ladyburg house items designed with our friends in mind.

More than a transaction.

When Ladyburg opened five years ago, it was because we wanted to control the customer experience. When you walk through our doors, we crave more than a sale. We want to know your first-name, and to celebrate the milestones of your life. We want to learn what types of products are best designed for your needs. We want to build a long-lasting relationship that goes far beyond that first transaction.

Your community is our backyard. 

Almost half of all employees in Virginia work for a small business. We have a vested interest in what happens here because this is our home. In fact, customer purchases, like yours, go directly back into the local economy, fueling growth. So, where you decide to shop this holiday season has a direct impact on the community in which you live. We’re not saying to abandon your go-to big-box retailers all together, but we are asking for a chance. As you game plan your needs in the coming weeks, look for those local mom-and-pop shops that offer what you’re looking for with a more personalized touch.

To help you get started, here’s a list of some of our fellow entrepreneurs around the country: Shop Small Map.


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