A Sugar + Spruce Easter Egg Hunt!

With Easter just days away, the Easter Bunny made a necessary stop by Sugar + Spruce this week to pick up some bath time treats as he prepares for his Easter debut. Much to his chagrin, we don’t accept carrots as currency. However, we did manage to make a cheeky little exchange! 

We got to talking and came up with an Easter egg hunt all of our own! He happened to have ten extra large eggs and nothing to fill them with! So, in lieu of carrots, we happily accepted these eggs on one condition — he would use his canny burrowing skills and hide them around stores in downtown Fredericksburg (the 700-800 block of Caroline Street, to be exact!) 

Now, we all know an empty easter egg is the equivalent of a rotten egg — nobody wants one. Lucky for you, each egg is filled with a giveaway voucher from Sugar + Spruce! All you have to do is hunt for the sugar, sugar! 

This Monday, he’s coming by to pick up all of the eggs and will be taking the better part of the week to strategically hide them for the official #huntforthesugar. Friday, March 30th, through Saturday, March 31st, 8 downtown Fredericksburg stores will each have an egg hidden somewhere on-site for YOU to find! (And who knows! We heard some participants will be throwing in a little treat of their own!)

We do know every Easter egg hunt has a golden egg, the prized possession.  Rest assured, Sugar + Spruce will be hiding two of the eggs in-store, one of which will be the ultimate golden egg, filled with most luxurious bath time treats (better than a Fabergé, wouldn't you say?!)

All next week on our social media, we’ll be dropping hints (ok, we’ll be telling you) which stores are participating. We do know every bunny loves a good Thistle. We know he’ll be staying in the lower Latitudes of downtown. He mentioned he needed to stop by the local Pon Shop to pick up some artwork for his rabbit hole and also mentioned needing some updated decor (we recommended he stop by Emporio). He had quite the appetite and had a Taste for some escargot (he was quite the Frenchman). With no time to say goodbye, he was off (running late for a very important date, you know…) We waved goodbye as he whistled "Skip to My Lou"....or was it Peacaloo?

Starting Monday, we’ll officially be revealing the names of the participating stores on Facebook and Instagram throughout the week, so be sure to follow us @getsugarandspruce!

Happy hunting, Sugar!

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Hey Sugar!

Hey Sugar!

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