The History of Lye Soap

Lye soap has been around for many generations, and it is a common household item throughout the world. Before the days of grocery stores and shopping malls, people made this soap at home and used it in a variety of ways. The ingredients to make lye soap came from everyday household products, and it could be produced to be used for many activities around the house.

Origins of Lye Soap

Originally, the lye was taken from butchered animals or burning wood in the fireplace, and it required quite a bit of work to get the lye that was needed for the soap. Once the lye was obtained, a lot of mixing went into the process to make the soap.

It was a unique, delicate process that required the right balance of each of the ingredients that was added to the mixture. If not enough lard and too much lye was added to the soap, then it could potentially burn the skin from the moment it came in contact with the skin. Another problem that could occur is that the wrong balance of ingredients might result in soap that wouldn’t set, so the bars of soap couldn’t be formed.

For many people, the process of learning to make lye soap was a trial-and-error experience. There were times where the soap would be made incorrectly, and they would have to start over with this process to create the bars of soap that were needed.

Modern Day Lye Soap

In our modern times, it is much easier to make lye soap and these products can also be purchased pre-made. A number of people still enjoy using lye soap because they like to stick with natural ingredients. Common brands of regular bar soap at the grocery store are filled with unhealthy, toxic ingredients, which is why people tend to gravitate to the natural products instead.

If you are looking for a way to avoid the toxic, unnatural brands of soap at the grocery store, then you might consider making your own lye soap instead. Or, if you don’t have the time or desire to learn how to make lye soap, then you can buy high quality, natural soap to use in your home.

Benefits of Lye Soap

There are many benefits to using lye soap, and it is a great option if you want to stick with natural products in your home. The main motivation for many people to choose lye soap is because of the natural ingredients, so they can avoid toxic chemicals that may be added to some modern beauty and body care products.

Lye soap doesn’t have any additives or dangerous ingredients. In fact, many companies that produce this type of soap add in healthy ingredients, such as coconut oil or aloe to improve the health of your skin.

Traditionally, lye soap was so harsh that it way only used to wash dishes, clothing, and other household items. This harsher lye soap wasn’t good to wash the hands or body. But, modern day lye soap products can also be used for body care, because they are designed specifically to be gentle on the skin.

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