Macho Bath Bomb Bundle - Set of 5 Bath Bombs

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"Sip and Soak"

Take a swim with our Macho bath bombs with this popular bath bundle

Includes 1 each:

  • Ex-Boyfriend
  • Pacific Rain
  • Morning Mint
  • The Abyss
  • Tub Tea

    Pair with some bubbly

    Our Handmade Bath Bombs are the flagship Sugar + Spruce sweet treat that'll give your bath a foaming, heavenly fragranced jolt to start your day right or end it on a luxurious note. Grab one or a whole bundle, and we promise you'll be hooked

    No factories were used in this product:

    Our small batch, handmade bath bombs turn a boring bath into a foamy, fun, refreshing soak that leaves you fresh and ready to face the day; go to sleep; or tuck those little angels into bed.

    • Sulfate free
    • Non-staining cosmetic safe colorants
    • Phthalates free fragrance
    • No chemical preservatives
    • Not tested on animals (only team members)
    • Small batch, artisan made in store
    • Moisturizing avocado oil

    Dropping one in your bathtub with you, your partner, or the kids gives a fizzy, fresh smelling and fun kick to your dull bath routine. You’ll have to lock the door to keep them all from jumping in…or not! Instead of wrestling the kids into the tub, you’ll be following the trail of clothes and giggles to the great smelling angels you remember. When its over you’ll have little if anything to clean up, a bathroom that smells like a palace and a new outlook on life to take into battle with you. Sugar + Spruce Bath Bombs are the right tool in the arsenal for anyone who needs the best defense from the trials and tribulations of 21st Century life.

    Featured Ingredients:

    Avocado oil, Baking soda, Citric acid, Creme of Tartar, Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, FDA approved colorants used (lakes, dyes and Micas) Fragrance

    See individual products for scent stories.


    You will be tempted to use 2 per bath. May make the tub slippery so be careful stepping out.