Jumbo Animal Alphabet & Numbers

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You have never seen alphabets & numbers like these before, and we are excited to show you. Beautifully designed, intuitively educational, durable, and machine washable... Wait did we just say machine washable? Yes, yes we did. Our new bath time alphabet & numbers not only entertain, and educate, they stay clean. Not only do kids practice saying the alphabet, they can now correlate the sound of the animal image to the letter. F is for Frog, and C is for Car. After a few rounds of college courses in the bath tub simply place the letters in the accompanying mesh bag and toss in the washing machine. We create products meant to make bath time fun for kids and easier for parents. However we also want to help get kids clean and smarter too. Customers will be clamoring for these adorable and durable bath letters that will definitely help make bath time a breeze. Premium box packaging for easy merchandising Jumbo Alphabet & Numbers Mesh Bag toy organizer with suction cups