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Comfy Blanket Gift Set
Comfy Blanket Gift Set

Comfy Blanket Gift Set

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It's the holidays. Cousin Agnes sent her gifts to everyone back in August. Your sister is making everyone hand knitted scarves from cotton she grew in her own backyard and wove into yarn. Time to bring the big guns to the table. Our holiday gift sets make everyone on your list happy and this set comes with all of everyone's favorite products in a beautiful Philippine mesh bag. One of our handmade bath bombs, a small jar of our luxurious Whipped Sugar Scrub and a bar of traditional handcrafted soap. Grab them. Send them. Bring them. Drop the mic.

  • Lavender Soap Bar
  • Oatmeal Milk & Honey Bath Bomb
  • Tobacco Flower Whipped Sugar Scrub
  • Handmade natural bag