Popsicle Soap - Rocket Pop

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Even California girls can't melt these popsicles

We love a good prank, sugar. Leave one of our Popsicles Soaps in the shower, for an unsuspecting visitor. They'll wonder what such treat is doing outside if the freezer, but be delighted to know the soap is quite the skin pleaser! 

Scent Story:

A plunge into memory lane! Summers spent peddling bikes, chasing down the ice cream truck! What will it be? The twist or the rocket pop? We're bias for the latter. So, we're taking it to thee bath, sugar. Your skin will thank you.

No factories were used in this product:

Start the say with a smile! You deserve the sweetness this popsicle soap will bring to your day...go get em, Sweets!

  • Non-drying, leaves skin soft and smelling sweet
  • Sulfate free
  • Phthlate free fragrance
  • Not tested on animals (only team members)